Learn Spanish Online Services

Learning Spanish online via Skype is effective and very convenient. When you book an online lesson then you are booking with me, I am an independent tutor and not part of a big company.

Lesson Times

I can be very flexible with lesson times to suite you. As I am in Colombia then I am generally available from 11am until midnight UK time or from 7am to 10pm USA time.

I am available 7 days a week and also on public holidays.

Course Duration

You can study with me for any length of time and even from the first lesson you will learn useful Spanish. I recommend that you study with me at least once a week for your learning to be most effective.

Lesson length

Lessons are for 50 minutes and you can have extended lessons if you want to learn faster if you want to learn Spanish even faster.

Lesson format

The lesson format really depends on how much Spanish you know and what your goals are. Each lesson is very relaxed and friendly and I’ll try to speak as much Spanish as possible with addition of English until you feel comfortable with only Spanish.

Chatting on whatsapp

One of the proven techniques for learning Spanish quickly is to ensure that you practice at least a little each day. I offer a whatsapp chat add on to students where i greet you each day and we can chat to practice the Spanish we are learning. This can be a great way to make the most of your time and get some Spanish exposure each day.

What you need for learning online

In order to learn with me you need to download Skype which is free to use. You will also need a good internet connection plus a pen and some paper.