Online Spanish Courses

The online Spanish courses are personalised to your level of Spanish and what your Spanish language goals are. We have a Spanish teaching program that means you will start speaking Spanish from the first lesson.

Through practicing from the start you can become used to the sounds of the language and challenging your mind to take what you have learned and use it. This is a little different from the traditional method and helps you keep interested in learning.

A Typical Online Spanish Lesson

A lesson is planned for you and starts with an explanation of the goals of the course and then introducing the new words in a natural way where you can start to use them to build useful sentences.

A PDF is given to you and we go through the lesson together with us both on a Skype video call.

What you need in order to Learn Spanish Online

You will need a computer or smart phone that can run Skype, a microphone and headphones or speakers. A computer is the best choice if this is available.

You will also need an internet connection and the speed should be 2mbs or better. If that sounds too technical then you can do a test call on Skype to check to see if you have good enough speed.

You will also need Skype which is free to download.

It will be useful to have some paper and a pencil or pen so you can take some notes and practice writing on.

How to start learning Spanish Online

The best way to start is to complete the contact form and give me a little bit of information about your level of Spanish and your motivations for learning Spanish.

Check that you have all you need to do an online lesson. Make sure you do a Skype test call.

There are packets of 5 and 10 lessons you can buy and in the first lesson we will have extra time to ensure all the technical bits are working well.